Asteroids Deluxe in C++ 11 using Polycode

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Welcome to my GitHub Page for Asteroids Deluxe.

This is my remake of Asteroids Deluxe I made using C++ 11 with Polycode. I will share every single video game I create in the future as well. You can download the compiled for Windows game from here. Release Game binaries B0.10. You will likely need the Visual Studio 2015 C++ runtime for Windows to run the game. Most people will need the runtime from Microsoft so please install the runtime before you run the game unless you know you already have it. Most game publishers are still using VC++ 2010 so it is unlikely you would have it installed already. The reason I used the 2015 version is because it has full support for C++ 11 and I love the IDE. In 2015 they added the best feature ever. When you make a new function header, you can have it make a blank in the CPP file for you! The game plays on Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10. It is free and open source. The game does not have an installer and it needs write access because it saves your high scores, so the best place to extract the game to is your documents, desktop or some other unrestricted folder. This is so it can make the high score file in the same folder, otherwise it will crash if it can not write to the folder. Just run AsteroidsDeluxe.exe from the folder you put it in after the runtime is installed. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it! Thank you.

The making of Asteroids Deluxe

I used the same font that I created in my first vector based Asteroids game, a vector based font using nothing but lines for this game that I will use in other vector type games I create as well. I just needed to change it to use Polycode, in that each line is an object made of vertix lines. The game took me about twenty hours to make, and about another hundred cleaning, debugging and tweaking. Even though I used the same code from the Asteroids Polycode game I made, adding something that used AI and broke up when hit took some time. I used all the rock and player code from a previous version, though the UFO was changed because it had different behavior. If I make a future version it will have different colors for the lines that the user can chose. I'll also make it so you can trade your high scores with your friends if I get interest in it. I enjoyed learning more C++ 11 and learning Polycode. It really helped to make a game so easy to make. Now I'm onto my next game Vector Omega Race. I've gotten pretty far with that game, but I'll be changing it to use Polycode as well. I will add it soon, and place the link on my Main page[link].

Game Screenshots

Game Over screen.

Enemy Pod.

Enemy ship pairs.

Game play.