Asteroids Deluxe created in MonoGame

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Welcome to my GitHub Page for Asteroids Deluxe in MonoGame.

This is my remake of Asteroids Deluxe by Atari from 1980. I used MonoGame 3.6 to make this version. You can download the binary that was compiled for Windows here Asteroids Deluxe Beta 2.1.0 binary. You will likely need the .NET 4.7 runtime. as well if you do not have it yet. You will need to place the game files in a user writable folder for when it saves the high scores such as "My Documents" or "Desktop". When I figure out how to access the "My Documents" folder from the game I'll change that.

How to play. Use the arrow keys; Up for thrust, sides to rotate. Use the Left Ctrl or Space to fire. Use the right shift for shields. Use the P key to pause the game. Use the N key when the game is over, to start a new game, or insert a coin. When entering a new score, use the side arrow keys to select letter and the right shift to advance to the next letter.

The Making of Asteroids Deluxe

I copied some of the code from the Xenko version of Asteroids Deluxe some was copied from Asteroids in MonoGame. That made making this game go much faster. At some point in the future I'll make Omega Race in MonoGame.

Game Play Screen Shots

First game play.

Game Over screen.

Player Explodes.

Push Start.

New High Score.

High Score.

Game Over.